Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download

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4 fundamental elements of Smadav: 
1) Additional assurance for your PC, 100% perfect with different antiviruses! 
Most antiviruses can't be introduced with different antiviruses, which is on the grounds that they are intended for essential assurance on your PC. Not at all like Smadav, Smadav is a kind of antivirus that is structured as extra security, with the goal that it is 100% good and can run well despite the fact that there is another antivirus on your PC, right now fills in as a second layer of protection. Smadav has its own specific manners (conduct, heuristics, and whitelisting) in identifying and cleaning infections so it will additionally improve security on the PC. Since Smadav asset use is little, Smadav won't add weight to your PC's presentation in its utilization. Thus, with a mix of security among Smadav and antivirus that has been introduced on your PC will additionally fortify your PC's barrier from infection contaminations. Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download

2) Best USB Antivirus (USB Flashdisk Total Protection) 
USB Flashdisk is probably the greatest medium spreading infections in Indonesia. Smadav has extraordinary innovation for the counteraction of complete infections that spread by means of USB Flashdisk. Smadav's strategic 100% no more infection diseases from the blaze. Smadav has a lot of infection marks that taint the glimmer and has a unique capacity to distinguish new infections on the blaze despite the fact that it isn't yet in the Smadav database. Not just counteraction, Smadav is likewise ready to clean infections that taint and reestablish records that are covered up by infections on the USB Flashdisk.

Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download

3) Best for disconnected use (no compelling reason to refresh over and over again) 
Smadav is generally excellent for PCs that are once in a while or even not associated with the web. Smadav doesn't have to refresh as regularly as different antiviruses which normally do refreshes every week or even every day. Smadav, as a rule, refreshes just once every (month to month). Smadav doesn't generally rely upon the mark/database of the infection, but instead relies upon social discovery systems, heuristics, and whitelisting. 

Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download

4) Cleaner and instruments for cleaning infections 
Smadav 2015 Rev. 10.4: Adding a database of 800 new infections, tidying up the Bundpil infection (which makes an unknown organizer on the glimmer drive), adding a programmed highlight to reestablish concealed documents on the blaze, and fixing some program blunders.

Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download Feature:
  • New detection database of 146300 new viruses,
  • Improvement in the whitelist of clean programs/apps,
  • Update for the new detection method (Machine Learning) to detect most of the unknown viruses,
  • Change in Splash-Screen method and Smadav-Form at PC Startup,
  • Fixing bug/error in-app.
  • Quick and Full Scanning mode.
  • Adding a new 1040 virus database.
  • Faster automatic USB scanning.
  • Smadav Anti-Ransomware protection.
  • Detect & clean popular virus in Flash disk.
  • Low Resources Antivirus.
Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download

Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download Info:
  • In the Free version, you have to manually download the new version of Smadav to update your latest version. Another difference is that Pro has some more features: Automatic Updates, Exception List, Maximize/Resize, Changing theme colors, Admin Password, and Profit/Commercial Use. Smadav 2021 Download
Smadav 2020 Rev. 13.5 Free Download Link :
Requirements:Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Addition of 123 new virus databases
- STOP / DJVU / TFUDET Ransomware

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