Telecharger McAfee Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

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Telecharger McAfee Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

Telecharger McAfee Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

McAfee Antivirus 2022 Features:

Staying secure goes far beyond antivirus
Today’s savvy connected consumer lives in an on-demand world and understands that staying secure goes far beyond antivirus. Cybercriminals lurk not only in the darkest corners of the internet, but also in your neighborhood coffee shop. But as these malicious players evolve, so do we. From leading antivirus capabilities, to online web protection & on-the-go personal VPN, we’ll give you the tools to stand tall in the face of these would-be cybercriminals so you can live your digital life to the fullest. With that, we invite you to get informed, and then get McAfee. We’re with you.

Free vs paid antivirus
Usually free antivirus software offers baseline malware protection that may not be sufficient to combat the ever-evolving threat landscape, particularly when it comes to the wide variety of zero-day threats and/or digital threats that go beyond just antivirus. Rest assured that with our free 30-day trial you’ll get all the features of our flagship McAfee® Total Protection suite, including antivirus, web protection, password manager, file encryption and more. Take advantage of our free trial and gain greater peace of mind every time you use your devices.

Knowing when a site is spoofed
Scammers trying to phish your personal information have extremely sophisticated tools that help disguise malicious websites to look nearly identical to their legitimate shopping, banking or even government counterparts, complete with stolen company logos and site designs. The aim is to trick you into entering your credit card details or banking login info into the fake site. To avoid falling for this, go directly to the source by typing the address of a website directly into the address bar of your browser instead of following a link from an email or internet search. If you receive any suspicious links in your email, checking the domain (or .com that it was sent from) is usually a good way to tell if the source is legitimate or not. With McAfee® WebAdvisor, you can sidestep malicious sites with clear warnings of risky websites, links and file downloads.

Telecharger McAfee Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

McAfee Antivirus 2022 Info:

Avoiding fake antivirus software
Fake antivirus software is one of the most persistent threats on the internet today. Masquerading as legitimate antivirus software, fake antivirus software is in fact a malicious program that extorts money from you to “fix” your computer. And often, this new “antivirus” program disables legitimate security software that you already have, exposing you to real threats.

These rogue programs try to hook you while you’re browsing the web by displaying a popup window that warns you that your computer may be infected, and that you need to download (fake) security software to fix the problem. This type of software is often referred to as “scareware” since the pop-ups use messages like “You have a virus,” as a way to get you to click.

Most of us are eager to get rid of any potential problems as quickly as possible, which in turn has made the bad guys who make fake antivirus software so successful. Once you agree to the purchase, the cybercriminals end up with your credit card details and other personal information, and you get nothing but malware in return.

How to know if you’ve been hacked
Depending on the type of infection, your device may exhibit varying behavior. For example:
Filled screen – a screen that’s become filled with a matrix of numbers or skull-and-crossbones accompanied by ransom instructions are consistent with being infected by ransomware. 
Spikes in Data Usage - if your data usage is increasing but you're not sure why, malware may be to blame. This could mean that a program is running in the background, likely stealing your information and transmitting it back to cybercriminals.  
Browser pop-ups – while pop-up ads for the most part aren't harmful (just annoying), if you’re seeing these ads when your browser is closed, you could be dealing with malware.  
Overheating – phones and computers are high-performance devices, but if your device unexpectedly gets hot and you’re not doing anything intensive or charging the device, it’s possible that malware could be stealing performance from that device and using those resources for cryptomining or other nefarious acts. 
Faster Battery Drain – similar to overheating, if your battery life becomes unexpectedly short, it could be because malware is running in the background and draining your power.  
In all these cases, there’s a strong possibility you’ve been hacked. The sad truth is that hackers now have a multitude of ways to get into your devices, without ever touching them.

With access to your computer, hackers could retrieve your passwords and open the door to your accounts. For example, an intruder could sign in to your accounts as you, spam your contacts with phishing attacks, add new mobile lines or even request credit cards. That’s why it’s important to be able to recognize when your PC or phone has been hacked, especially since some of the signs can be subtle.

The good news is that many of these attacks can be avoided with a strong security software that’s purpose-built for that device to detect and remove these threats before they can attack, whether it’s a Windows PC, Mac, iOS device or Android device.

Telecharger McAfee Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

McAfee Antivirus 2022 Information:
McAfee® AntiVirus

Operating System
Windows 11, 10 (Does not support Windows 10 in S mode). Windows Enterprise not supported.
Windows 8.1 fully patched (32 and 64-bit)

Supported Browsers
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)

1.3 GB free drive space
1 GHz Processor. Architecture for Windows: x64, x86. Architecture for Mac: x64, x86, ARM64 (Rosetta II required)

McAfee® Antivirus
McAfee® Total Protection is antivirus purpose-built to detect and destroy threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and others.
Securing the world’s peace of mind
600 million+: protected, devices.
67.2 billion: daily real-time, threat queries.
688 threats: discovered, every minute.


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