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PhotoDirector 365 for Windows

PhotoDirector 365 for Windows 11/10/8/7

PhotoDirector 365 for Windows Features:

PhotoDirector 365 is a powerful photo editing software that provides users with a wide range of features to help them improve their photos. Some of the features that are available in PhotoDirector 365 include:

-Photo editor with tools to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, and highlights and shadows.
-Timelapse tool to create stunning videos of photos as they are edited.
-Paint tool to add text, logos, and other graphics to photos.
-Dedicated web gallery that can be shared with friends and family.
-Portrait mode to create photos that look more like portraits.
-And much more!

PhotoDirector 365 is a powerful photo editor that lets you easily retouch, add effects, and create stunning photo slideshows. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, PhotoDirector 365 makes it easy to transform your photos into stunning works of art. You can also use PhotoDirector 365 to create professional photo albums, calendars, and prints.

PhotoDirector 365 for Windows Download (Latest Version)

PhotoDirector 365 ticks all the boxes for photography enthusiasts. It handles all your photo management needs—combining a massive list of supported Camera RAW formats and lens profiles with powerful organization features for large photo collections; it has an extensive range of easy-to-apply filters and effects, along with precise retouching and adjustments for portraits; and it offers a truly natural way to work with layers and control images to create stunning, professional results.

Blending layers offer amazing creative possibilities for combining multiple photos into a single breathtaking image in a way that is effortless. Remove objects or people from photos simply by brushing over them. CyberLink PhotoDirector 365 instantly fills spaces using an intelligent algorithm that blends perfectly with the surrounding background. No need for complicated shutter speeds or exposure settings.

PhotoDirector can make impressive multi-exposure images from your videos along with offering some great customization options. Finally, an easy way to get everyone's eyes open and smiling in photos. Simply take a video of the group then use Video-to-Photo Face Swap to instantly create a single, perfect photo.

Features and Highlights

Simplified layer editing
The layer editing design flow in the program demystifies the process of creating stunning images using multiple images, text, and mask layers.

Stunning photos from a video
Capture razor-sharp still images from your videos and use them to create panoramic vistas, perfect group photos, or impressive multi-exposure images

Perfect portraits
Easy-to-use photo retouching tools make pro-like enhancements of portraits, selfies, and group shots achievable for even complete beginners.

Filters, effects & blurs
Get that unique look and feel you're after with the tool's unmatched library of photo adjustments.

Photography essentials
For the advanced photographers, the app offers extensive support for a vast selection of commercial camera lenses, bodies, and RAW formats that streamlines the editing process.

Color Grading for Videos
Color grading is an essential tool for making impressions, telling stories, and evoking responses from your video viewers.

PhotoDirector 365 for Windows Info:

Turn Your Photos Into Art
Get to the heart of creative photo editing, fast. With powerful AI tools, eye-catching visual effects, advanced color controls and intuitive layer editing, you can create breathtaking compositions and artistic masterpieces in a snap. Immersing yourself into fine-art has never been so easy.

Visual Effects That Turn Heads
PhotoDirector 365 gives you exclusive AI tools, new features & format support, plus access to a massive collection of plug-ins.

Let AI Do the Heavy-Lifting
AI Person and Object Segmentation

image composition showcasing the sparkle effect feature
Let AI mask the outline of objects in your images to quickly achieve flawless selections.

AI Style Effects
photo of a landscape with two different ai styles applied
Our powerful AI engine applies brushstrokes intelligently to instantly transform pictures into masterworks.

AI-Powered Sky Replacement
photo of a man in front of a landscape before sky replacement applied
photo of a man in front of a landscape after sky replacement applied
Instantly add drama to your snaps by animating, altering, blending, and repositioning the sky.

An Essential Companion For Video Editors & YouTube Content Creators
Built by the creators of the PowerDirector video editing suite, a photo editor that closes the gap between the still image and video.

screenshot of the multi exposure interface
Capture the action of video into a single mind-blowing image. Use the Motion Tool to freeze a portion of your frame and create a mesmerizing animated GIF or capture an action sequence into a single frame with the Multi Exposure tool.

screenshot of the photo animation tool interface
Bring still images to life with the new Dispersion Effect and Photo Animation Tool. Take any ordinary image and select an area to animate or disperse. Click a button and watch as the image transforms into a moving work of art.

Picture What Subscription Can Do For You
Enrich creativity with a toolbox supercharged with unique AI tools and professional design packs. Accelerate your workflow with frequent updates and priority customer support. Plus, unlock access to world-class stock catalogs.

stylized illustration of three layers, effect text and landscape stack on top of each other
Express Layer TemplatesTake the complexity out of complex image editing. Create fine-art in a snap with Express Layer Templates
black stylised circle divided by 8 white lignes with LUT written in black bold font at the center
LUTs Color PresetsAchieve incredible color and consistency of style with LUTs color palette packs.

stylized drawing of a stack of 3 black sheet of paper on top of each other with an illustration of a magic wand on the top one
Pro Level EffectsPolish your projects with frame packs, AI Style packs, gorgeous fonts and incredible clip art.
drawing of a stack of 3 black sheet of paper with an illustration of a double musical note on the top one
Expansive Audio LibraryRealize your vision with an ever-growing collection of stock images, and professionally-composed music tracks.

icon of a computer, on screen a black cloud and a white downloading arrow
Always Up to DateYou’re first in line for new features, updates, and format support. Keep PhotoDirector on the cutting-edge.
drawing of a bust of a teleworker wearing a headset on his head
Priority Customer SupportHaving trouble? We’re here to help. Enjoy priority customer support.

PhotoDirector 365 for Windows

PhotoDirector 365 for Windows Information:
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only)
macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15
Processor (CPU)
Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above
Apple M1
Graphics Processor (GPU)
128 MB VGA VRAM or higher
Memory: 4GB required (For AI style transfer, 8GB or above recommended)
Hard Disk Space 2GB
Internet Connection: Internet connection also required for initial software & file formats activation.
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above

Language Support
Spanish (European)
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional

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