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LastPass for Windows

LastPass 4.101.1 for Windows

LastPass for Windows Features:

The best way to manage passwords.
See for yourself how easy password management can be.

1. Get the LastPass password browser extension.
Install the extension in your browser for saving & accessing your passwords.

Access, granted.
After you download LastPass, you’ll find the LastPass button img-icon-lp-chrome-button-2x-png in your browser toolbar. This button is where you log in to LastPass every day.
Get the extension for your favorite browser.

2. Make a strong master password.
Create your account with one long, secure master password and let LastPass do the rest.

Your last password… ever.
A memorable passphrase is the easiest way to create a super strong master password. Just look around for inspiration. It could include the lyrics to a song, a quote from a movie and the color of your favorite coffee mug.
Check out our blog for tips on How to Make a Strong Master Password.

3. Explore your LastPass password manager vault.
Where you can add, view and manage items that you’ve saved to LastPass.

LastPass for Windows 64bit

Leading in security.
As a password manager, our first priority is safeguarding your data. We’ve built LastPass so that we never have the key to your account.
Strong encryption algorithms.
We’ve implemented AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud. You’ll create a password manager account with an email address and a strong master password to locally-generate a unique encryption key.

Local-only encryption.
Your data is encrypted and decrypted at the device level. Data stored in your vault is kept secret, even from LastPass. Your master password, and the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data, are never sent to LastPass’ servers, and are never accessible by LastPass.

Multifactor authentication.
Multifactor authentication adds extra security to your LastPass account by requiring a second login step before authorizing access to your vault. Learn More

LastPass for Windows Info:

LastPass for Windows is the last password you will ever need. It allows you to: Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one. The tool has addons for: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (for Mac), Google Chrome, and works with other browsers with Bookmarklets (e.g. Opera). The tool uses Host Proof Hosting techniques to synchronize your passwords all while LastPass never has access to your sensitive data. LastPass offers a premium upgrade as well for mobile access on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Palm webOS, and Symbian phones.

FTC disclosure: if you click the Buy Now button on the right and buy this software we will get a commission.

Simple, Fast, and Effortless Browsing:
Save as You Go
Download and setup with the app in minutes. Once you've created your account, the software prompts you to save new sites as you browse - so you'll never lose another password.

Hassle-Free Login
After saving a website's username and password, the software will autofill the login when you return to that site. No thought, no typing, no work required - the app does it for you.

Centralize Your Data
See all your accounts and passwords in one easy-to-use "vault", where you can edit, delete, and organize your stored data. The tool syncs automatically, so you're up-to-date, wherever you are.

Streamline Online Shopping
Set up a Profile for each credit card, family member, billing, and shipping address. When you're registering for an account, or ready to complete a payment, select the Profile you want, and complete the form in a single click.

Take it On The Road
Need to check that bank statement before you board your flight? Upgrade to Last Pass Premium for unlimited use of mobile apps for complete peace of mind, wherever you are. Download LastPass 64-bit Offline Installer Setup!

Free Features (Demo)
Secure password vault
Access on one device type
One-to-one sharing
Save and fill passwords
Password generator
Secure notes
Basic Support
Multifactor authentication
LastPass Authenticator

Premium Features (30 days trial)
One-to-many sharing
Emergency access
Advanced multifactor options
Priority tech support
LastPass for Applications
1 GB encrypted file storage
Security Dashboard and Score
Dark Web Monitoring
Personal Support

Features and Highlights
Unlimited browser sync for Mac, Windows, Linux & Web
Automated filling of logins & forms
Secure Notes for digital recordkeeping
Share credentials with friends & colleagues
Password generator
Multifactor authentication & One Time Passwords
Audit passwords with Security Challenge
Command-line interface
Note: Limited functionality in the unregistered version.

LastPass for Windows Information:

LastPass for Chrome (Version 4.101.1)
Features dependent on a binary component, such as sharing of login state with other browsers, will not function.

LastPass Universal Windows Installer (Version 4.101.1)
The Universal Windows installer installs browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

LastPass for Firefox (Version 4.101.1)
LastPass browser extension for Mozilla Firefox. This will also work on other Mozilla based browsers such as SeaMonkey, Mozilla, etc.

LastPass for Microsoft Edge (Version 4.101.1)
If you're using Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, this one's for you. LastPass browser extension for Microsoft Edge without a binary component. Features dependent on a binary component, such as automatic logoff after idle and sharing of login state with other browsers, will not function.

LastPass for Opera (Version 4.101.1)
LastPass browser extension for Opera without a binary component. Features dependent on a binary component, such as automatic logoff after idle and sharing of login state with other browsers, will not function.

LastPass for Chrome (full version)
LastPass browser extension for Google Chrome (full version) provides extra features such as sharing the login state with other browsers.

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