Opera Crypto Browser for Windows

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Opera Crypto Browser for Windows

Opera Crypto Browser 90.0.4480.123 Beta for Windows

Opera Crypto Browser for Windows Features:

Opera Crypto Browser
Experience the Web3 browser for crypto users. Get crypto-oriented security enhancements, manage multiple crypto wallets simultaneously, and access Discord, Telegram and more directly from the sidebar. 

What is Opera Crypto Browser?
Opera Crypto Browser provides both the crypto-curious and crypto-savvy with a smooth, private and secure Web3 experience. With Web3-focused features, a strong partnership network across the crypto ecosystem, and Opera’s robust browsing technology, Opera Crypto Browser provides a unique and safe Web3 experience with features such as a secure clipboard, phishing protection, a malicious-address checker, and the industry’s first multi-wallet management tool: the Wallet Selector.

Unlock the gateway to Web3 and Crypto

Seamless Web3 experience
Crypto Browser is designed for seamless interaction with Web3 DApps and multiple wallets. The Wallet Selector lets you easily switch between your Opera Wallet and favorite wallet extensions, like Metamask. You can also discover new DApps every day in Opera’s dedicated DApp store, your go-to place for Web3 exploration.

Native multichain non-custodial wallet
Access your cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and sign into DApps without installing any extensions. Opera’s built-in Crypto Wallet supports ETH, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, as well as multiple blockchains including Bitcoin, EVM compatible chains and Layer 2 solutions. Buy, sell, swap or send tokens directly in your Opera Wallet.

Opera Crypto Browser for Windows 11/10/8/7

Security at its core
Browse Web3 securely with crypto-dedicated safety features, such as Paste Protection, a malicious-address checker and phishing protecting, for a secure Web3 experience. Enhance your privacy and security with the VPN, Ad Blocker and Tracker Blocker built right into the browser. These integrated features not only protect your privacy, but also speed up your browsing on both mobile and desktop.

Connect with crypto communities
The desktop Crypto Browser comes with additional built-in features, including quick access to Telegram, Discord, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger and more in the sidebar so you can always stay connected to your communities.

The latest from Web3
The integrated Crypto Corner brings you the latest blockchain news, upcoming airdrops, an industry event calendar, NFTs, crypto communities, educational content, podcasts and videos. See up-to-date crypto prices, gas fees and market sentiment all in one spot. Customize your Crypto Corner to create your own unique space for crypto news.

A browser built around partnerships
Opera Crypto Browser’s multi-chain strategy embraces a multitude of key partnerships to ensure that using crypto and exploring Web3 is effortless for everyone. From blockchains to DApps to extensions and beyond, we are constantly expanding our partnerships, and your capabilities, in the spirit of the Web3 community.

Make crypto personal with crypto domains
Replace the complexity, risk, and inconvenience of transacting with long-string public wallet addresses. The Opera Wallet in Crypto Browser embraces human-readable crypto handles, supporting transactions with domains from YAT, ENS, FIO and Unstoppable Domains, and various resolutions for websites.

Investing in crypto assets, as well as investments and lending linked to crypto assets, involves significant risk. When investing in cryptocurrencies, you risk losing your entire investment. Please consider whether trading and owning cryptocurrencies is appropriate for your financial situation.

Opera Crypto Browser for Windows Info:

Opera Crypto Browser is a newly developed Web3 browser built on to of new technologies powered by blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the decentralized Internet, empowering its users to take greater control over their web3 experiences with built-in support for decentralized apps (dApps), a native non-custodial crypto wallet, and a full set of other popular Opera services such as tracker blocker, ad-blocker, no-log browser VPN, and much more.

This application is distributed online the same way as the regular Opera browser, via an automated mini installer that will automatically scan the official server for the latest version of Opera Crypto Browser, download it, and deploy it on any modern desktop or laptop PC.

The core new feature found in this crypto browser when compared to the regular one is the built-in support for managing cryptocurrency and experiencing Web3 content. The user interface is unchanged, enabling users of all knowledge levels to effortlessly interact with the internet using tabs, elegant icons, and a wide array of customization options that can be accessed either directly during browsing via right-click context menus, or inside an in-depth preferences window.

Opera Crypto Browser allows users to set up separate workspaces where they can handle their apps, access chat apps, and messenger services, fire up 3D-accelerated games, and enjoy every aspect of interaction with modern internet services. Access to online content can be streamlined and accelerated with the help of built-in services such as bookmarks, integrated multimedia player, download manager, personal news ticker, and much more.

One of the best Web3 services included in this app is “Crypto Corner”, a news platform that provides up-to-date news related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, real-time market prices, crypto- industry events calendar, NFT news, and more. The web browser is also home to a built-in crypto wallet with features such as a customizable watchlist, secure clipboard, and QR code generator, enabling everyone to manage their crypto assets without the need to visit 3rd party services online.

Opera Crypto Browser for Windows

Opera Crypto Browser for Windows Information:

The Opera Crypto Browser Project is about more than just surfing traditional websites through a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s specifically designed to work with a variety of decentralized apps, or dApps, as well as provide deeper functionality than a traditional browser that has a basic web wallet add-on. This is possible thanks to a wide array of built-in, web3 focused features, as well as the inherent speed that Chromium already offers the suite of Opera browsers. For starters, the Crypto Corner gives you access to the latest blockchain news, upcoming airdrops, an industry events calendar, NFTs, crypto communities, educational content, podcasts and videos as well as crypto prices, gas fees and market sentiment – all in one spot. 

Opera Browser requirements
Windows 7 or later
Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or later with support for SSE2

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